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The main prize of the tournament for members of Hole In One Club - 1.000.000 rubles


Prizes will be distributed at the end of the season between the parties that made the Hole In One on the Tour’s event and who were the members of the Hole In One Club at the time of this stroke, subject to the following conditions:


  • The ball must be holed in with the first stroke from the tee on a par-3 hole
  • The distance from the tee-markers to the middle of the green should be not less than 120 meters


On all par 3 holes that conform to the distance, can be installed video surveillance system. The Committee reserves the right to use devices for objective confirmation of hole-in-ones on par-3 holes. In the absence of these participant must have at least three witnesses (participants of the event in question) of such hole-in-one.


The total amount of the main prize is divided by the number of Hole-In-Ones made for the season and the authors of these attacks receive the relevant cash prizes. In accordance with Rule 3-2b Rules of amateur status, receipt of such prize money is not a violation of the Rules.


If it will be no  Hole In One during the season, the main prize amount is added to the sum of the main prize of the next season.

Become a member and get a chance to will Grand Prize of 1 000 000 rubles