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"EWUB Cup" Люксембург - Hole in One Tour 2018
Страна, в которой деньги живут в безопасности ;)
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About Tour

International tournament “Hole-In-One” held by “Hole-In-One” Tour consists of 10 events in Moscow and Moscow region as well as 3 quest events in other countries. All events will be hosted by the best golf destinations around the world. More details you can find at “Tournaments” folder

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How to become a member?

Any golfer who comply with Tour regulations may become a member/

Just get a contact with us through mail or phone




Pavlova Natasha +7 985 762 22 57

Khvastunova Julia +7 985 784 17 89

Become a member and get a chance to will Grand Prize of 1 000 000 rubles

  • Игорь
    Гандикап: 11.9
    Результаты в турнире
    Гандикап: 18.3
    Результаты в турнире
    Гандикап: 24
    Результаты в турнире
  • Михаил
    Гандикап: 24
    Результаты в турнире
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